Demco Side Quest Tanks

Side Quest 1200 Features:

* Two 600 gallon polyetheylene tanks with 16″ fillwells, molded sight gauge, large centered drainage sump and high volume jet agitator.

* Better visibility-tanks are mounted longitudinal for superb visibility

* Tank mounting brackets deliver excellent front to rear weight distribution ratio (25% front; 75% rear) and optimal row crop spraying clearance.  Extended rear axle spindle mount allows weight to be shifted to the rear, relieving stress on the tractor’s front axle and chassis.  Units will fit on tractors with or without front duals.  Rear duals are required.

* 3.5″ rear spindle diameter with oil bathed tapered bearings located under tank, resulting in exceptional weight distribution.

* Transport width-16′ 11″ when wheels/tracks are set on 120″ centers.

* Tanks and brackets designed for optimal row crop spraying clearance.

* Optional 3 point 80/90′ hydraulic front fold boom with leveling linkage and shock absorbers to soften the ride. Live hydraulic control block requires only one set of remote outlets to perform all boom functions.

* Optional Boom can be folded to spray in a 60′ or an unfolded 80/90′ width.

* Optional boom uses unique hydraulic glide suspension system making the boom wings weightless.  The guide wheels activate the hydraulic system and automatically adjust for uneven terrain.  Guide wheels have puncture proof tires (optional).

* Optional boom uses a quick and easy 3 point rear mount hookup with quick couple plumbing and jack stands for easy installation and removal.  Fits category II or III.

* Easy access control panel – makes easy work of preparation, refilling and clean-up.

* 100 gallon rinse tank – thoroughly flushes entire system.

* Front mounted step and work platform (optional).

Also available in 700 or 1000 gallon tanks!

300, 400, 500, and 600 saddle tanks are also available!  Please call for more information!


Demco Sprayer
Demco 1250 with 60′ Boom
Demco sprayers
Demco 850 with 60′ Boom

Demco 850 & 1250 Sprayers

The new 850 and 1250 sprayers have a unique tank design. It’s shape permits this new series to have one of the shortest “hitch pin to axle” lengths in the industry (140″), enabling excellent maneuverability in the field. The polyethylene tank has a 16″ flip-top lid and 2 high volume jet agitators. Its molded-in trough drains spills to the rear of the sprayer. A 100 gallon 2 stage pump provides optimum tank drainage and decreases sloshing.

The hydraulic front fold booms feature a nitrogen charged accumulator system combined with leveling linkage and shock absorbers to soften the ride. A live hydraulic control block requires only one set of remote outlets to perform all the boom functions. Independent wing folding, hydraulic height adjusting, wing leveling and outer wing breakaway permits unsurpassed field performance.

You can spray an 80/90′ width with the boom fully unfolded or fold it to spray at a 60′ width.

Demco 500 gallon sprayer
Demco 500 Gallon Big Wheel

Demco 500 Gallon Features:

* 500 gallon polyethylene elliptical tank with two dual jet agitators, sump, baffle, and 16″ flip open manway.

* 10 gauge formed steel trailer with ground clearance of 29″.

* 2-1/2 gallon fresh water hand/eye wash tank.

* Constant velocity PTO shaft or hydraulic driven centrifugal pump.

* Optional 55 gallon rinse & flush tank.

* Optional 2″ quick fill.

* Optional 33 gallon foam marker.

* Axle configuration allows 62″ – 120″ infinite wheel spacing.

* 11.2 x 38 bias 6 ply tires provide a large narrrow footprint with less field compaction

Demco 45′ and 60′ X Fold Boom


* The hydraulic X-fold boom requires two sets of remote outlets and has auto level ride and shock-spring floatation.

* Spring loaded cable ride for cushioning and less swing.

* Hydraulic boom wing leveling.

* Wings fold independently.

* Outer breakaway.

* Transport width 10′ 8″.

* Transport height 11′ 9″ @ a 20″ spraying height.

* Hydraulic height adjuster (24″ travel).

* Stainless steel boom and hose clamps.

* Optional 80 mesh feeder line filter kit.

* Optional wheel assist boom protectors.

* Optional safety light kit.

Sprayer manfold
Demco 45′ & 60′ Manual Fold Boom


* Compact boom: Overall sprayer length (from sprayer frame of boom) is very close and compact for better weight distribution of the entire sprayer.

* Boom is standard with auto-level and shock and spring flotation system.

* Reinforced hinges for spraying at faster speeds and through rougher field conditions.

* Heavy duty boom latches at folding joints.

* Boom wings and wing extnsions are constructed of 1-1/4″ heavy wall tubing.

* Spring loaded breakaway.  Simple maintenance.  Easy to reach grease zerks.  Fewer moving parts. 

* Rear fold boom, all horizontal folding hinges.  Less chance of chemical exposure than booms that fold vertically.

* All booms are available with 3/4″ high volume plumbing and TeeJet drip free diaphragm check nozzles spaced at 20″

* Stainless steel boom and hose clamps.

* Transport width: 45′ and 50′ booms is 11′

* Transport width: 60′ boom is 13′ 10″

* Optional manual or hydraulic height adjuster (24″ travel).

* Optional 80 mesh feeder line filter kit.