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Zoske’s Mammoth Series Toolbars

Mammoth Series Toolbars
Mammoth Series Toolbars

Prototype shown in pictures! Production models will have some slight changes! Patents Pending!


*Heaviest bar in the industry

*Double 7″ x 7″ bar

*Available in 36′, 40′, 48′, and 52′ on 24″ centers!  56′ and 60′ available spring 2016!

*Patent Pending vertical pivot swing pipe

  1. Manure does not flow through the tower
  2. Swing pipe does not drag going through wash outs or waterways with the bar
  3. Caster wheel greatly reduces the stress on the bar while turning
  4. 18″ wide flotation tire keeps tire up out of trench

*Double and triple folds keep bar compact for transport

*Down flex in wings for uneven soils

*Master Slave hydraulic lift system so the bar lifts level at all times regardless of the swing pipe position!

*(6)VF385/65R22.5 flotation tires (up to 44′ bars)

*Separate down pressure on inner wings and outer wings

*Swing tower is fastened to the bar with (4) 4″ pins, it is not welded

*Both tower and swing pipe are 1/2″ wall DOM pipe

*Swing pipe truss system keeps caster wheel off ground during transport

*Toolbar accommodates most injectors

*Vogelsang manifold for less than 5% variance in flow across the bar. 

*Vogelsang manifold has cutter system to size particles for better flow


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Zoske’s Raptor Series Hose Carts

Raptor series hose cart
Raptor series hose cart

The Raptor Series hose cart hydraulically swings to either side of the tractor getting the entire spool outside the duals allowing the hose to be rolled from the front.  This makes rolling hose a lot easier because the driver can see what is going on and when couplers are coming through the level wind.  The driver can simply pull ahead as the coupler comes through reducing tension on the hose as well as reducing damage to the hose.  The operator can also drive ahead instead of backing up in those places difficult to roll hose and maneuver through!  By driving ahead you can also pull an unlimited number of sections of hose.


Raptor 10: Holds 10 660′ sections of 6″ hose, 5 660′ sections of 8″ hose

Raptor 16: Holds 16 660′ sections of 6″ hose, 8 660′ sections of 8″ hose

Raptor 20: Holds 20 660′ sections of 6″ hose, 10 660′ sections of 8″ hose

Raptor 32: Holds 32 660′ sections of 6″ hose, 16 660′ sections of 8″ hose

Standard Features:

*Heavy duty frame

*Tandem axle with optional floatation tires

*Pivoting hitch pushes cart to side of tractor duals allowing to roll hose from the front with the level wind

*Single direct drive 2 speed hydraulic motor with a Slewing Ring eliminating the need or a chain or gearbox

*Capable of operating entire cart off 1 remote or tie into Power Beyond

*Lay out hose at speeds up to 10 MPH with spool under power

*No need to have second man drive on hose with Utility Vehicle while laying out hose

Direct Drive with a Slewing Ring​

Direct drive with slewing ring

2 Speed Hydraulic Motor

2-speed hydraulic motor

Prototype shown in pictures! Production models will have some slight changes! Patents Pending!

Optional Features:

Ditch Arm

Dragline equipment
Our Patent Pending Ditch Arm allows you to place the hose directly in the ditch while laying out hose with no additional help.  Simply put the spool under power and drive and the hose will be where you want it!  The Ditch Arm also telescopes so you can get further from the shoulder if need be.  The Ditch Arm is light enough one person can easily raise and lower.

Second Motor

2-speed hydraulic motor
Add a second motor for optimal torque and reel speed!

Electric/Hydraulic Remote System

Electric/Hydraulic remote system
Our optional remote valve lets you run the entire cart from 1 or 2 tractor remotes or tie into the Power Beyond.  The kit includes a remote control in the cab so the operator can switch between functions while on the go without interrupting other running functions!


Zoske’s Open Spool Hose Humper

Open spool hose humper
Mammoth Series Toolbars


  • Heavy duty constructed frame
  • Patent Pending open spool design
    • Open spool allows mud, soil, and debris to pass through the spool
    • Concave spool allows hose of any size to roll up to the center for better control of hose
    • 7′ or 8′ diameter spools (this is measured at the diameter of the hose bend not outer shelf 8′ spool measure 12′ for total width)
  • Heavy duty 4″ 16,000 pd ductile iron hub/spindle assy
  • Integrated locking mechanism allows for the wheel to free spin or lock rigid
  • Cat II or III hitches.  Cat IV is optional.


Lead/Boost Pump Trailers

Lead/Boost pump trailer
Lead/boost pump trailer

*Pumps available in all sizes and configurations

*Bumper or gooseneck style hitch

*Can retrofit semi to run pumping unit eliminating the need for an engine

*John Deere engines ranging from 275 HP to 550 HP

*Can build pump unit with rebuilt mechanical engine to cut overall cost

*Pioneer pumps

*Heavy duty truck axles

*Steel fuel tanks under the unit to keep compact and for safe storage

*Fuel tanks hold 300 plus gallons of fuel

*LED work lights for night time operation

*Hood helps protect engine components from weather elements

*Front tipping hood for easy access to all engine parts

Options include:

*Hydraulically operated gate valves *Remote control full function operation of new units or existing units.  Remote monitor all operations Ask about our multi function boom that will pump any storage structure!