Ag Leader Available Technologies:

  • Variable Rate Fertilizer and Lime Application Control
  • Variable Rate Liquid Nitrogen Application Control
  • Variable Rate Anhydrous Application Control
  • Lightbar Guidance Systems
  • GPS Auto Steer Systems
  • GPS Receivers
  • SMS Software
  • Chemical Injection Systems
    • Farm Drainage Tile Plow GPS Systems

Introducing the Next Generation of Displays from Ag Leader


  • ISOBUS/VT/UT capabilities
  • Split Screen functionality
  • Wireless Data Transfer 
  • Remote Support

Utilize an Ag Leader Integra display or Versa display to map the manure application.  Works for the Krohne flowmeter system on the discharge pipe of the manure tank or umbilical drag line system.
Utilize the Ag Leader ISOBUS Liquid Module to control manure flow rate with any ISOBUS display: Deere 2630, Pro 700, and the Ag Leader InCommand 1200. 

Adding an auto steer system from Ag Leader, such as the new OnTrac3 motorized unit or the fully integrated SteerCommand will help add ease to running long hours and prevent overlap during low visibility.

Ag Leader’s Displays and Auto Steering equipment is color blind: They work with every color of machine.  CaseIH, Deere, New Holland, Massey Ferguson, anything else you can think of! 

Ag Leader Integra and Versa displays provide accurate yield monitoring.  With the 8 inch Versa display and AutoSwath unlock, or the full size 12 inch Ag Leader Integra display, take advantage of maximizing your yield monitoring ability to make better management decisions for the coming planting season.

Ag Leader offers Hydraulic Down Force to maximize seed depth potential. Utilizing a Hydraulic Down Force system from Ag Leader dramatically increases your seed depth planting in all soil types.  Compared to conventional static down pressure from springs, Hydraulic Down Force constantly monitors the row units and applies appropriate pressure.  Combined with automatic Row Shutoffs and Variable Rate Planting, you can maximize your yield potential by decreasing seed loss and proper germination.  Hydraulic Down Force from Ag Leader not only works on the Ag Leader Integra or Versa, but other ISOBUS displays as well such as the John Deere 2630 or Pro 700.

Want to know about Return on Investment numbers of how Hydraulic Down Force can improve your operation? Check out the online ROI calculator from Ag Leader.

Ag Leader Intellislope will improve field and soil health. Ready to take advantage of improving next year’s yield? Weather brings all kind of unexpected events, like lots of rain.  Tiling your field will dramatically improve drainage issues and result in a better yielding crop.

The Ag Leader Integra display can come out of your combine and be setup to control your tile plow.