Zoske's 3pt Side-Dress Bars

Benefits of Zoske's 3pt Side-Dress Bars:

  • Available in sizes up to 60′ on 30″ Centers and 66′ on 22″ Centers
  • All bars are made from scatch
  • Double 7″ x 7″ square tube the full width of the bar
  • Massive hinge points
  • 3pt hitch is welded to the bar
  • Bars are tied together every 30″
  • Twin 5″ x 30″ cylinders on inner wings for wing kick
  • Bars accomodate Yetter Manufacturing’s NH3 Magnum or about any liquid coulter
  • Can handle Yetter NH3 Magnums on 30″ centers
  • 24″ down flex in wings (on 60′ bars)
  • With Yetter Magnums on the bar is 23’6″ wide during tranport
  • Overall height can be lowered between 14′-15′ for transport
  • Inner wing hydraulics are plumbed seperately for easy wing kick with the tractor hydraulics when turning on the ends
  • Can order just the bar, the bar with units, or the bar, units, and plumbing( bar being field ready)

Zoske's Bar Features:

7″ x 7″ Double Frame

Heavy Duty Wing Hinge

Welded 3pt

Pin Adjust Gauge Wheels

Individual Wing Flex

Available in 60′ and 66′

Watch the Bar Unfold!

23 Row Yetter NH3 Magnum on Cat 755E

Optional Dual Raven Accu Flow Coolers/Controlers for NH3 Bars

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