MaxX-Trac Tanks

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MaxX-Trac tank

The MaxX-Trac tanks are built for the custom applicator yet simple to operate and maintain!

The MaxX-Trac tanks are available from 4000 to 10200 US gallons! The 4000-5700 gallon tanks are tandem axle with a rear steering axle. The 5500 to 7400’s are triple axle tanks with front and rear steering axles. The 8500, 9600, and 10200’s are quad axle tanks with axles 1, 2, and 4 steering axles!

The MaxX-Trac tanks come with a full frame trailer which takes the stress off of the vessel and takes the pull of the injectors! The parallel link independent hydraulic suspension similar to the ILS suspension of a John Deere provides a smooth ride and keeps equal load on each tire at all times, mechanical steering, 850/50 x 30.5 flotation tires, grease or oil bath hubs, heavy duty 16,000 pd hub and spindle assemblies, PTO or hydraulic drive, swing open impeller housing for easy access, full 1/4″ tank, LED work/road lights, optional night travel kit provides more warning for night time work/travel, parallel lift toolbar kit, almost any injector, and equip with a flow control system!

MaxX-Trac trailer glides keenly over rough ground and through corners.  The smooth hydraulic suspension cushions shock loads and the responsive steering system really takes the load off your tractor during cornering!  MaxX-Trac is built for large injection systems.  The full frame independent trailer carries the towing load while the tank just rides above it all.  The tank position is adjustable to guarantee proper balance and drawbar loading even when carrying heavy injectors at the rear, delivering maximum traction and easy handling every time!

The mechanical steering of the MaxX-Trac tank is simple operate and maintain!  Simply line up the tractor and tank after hooking up the tank, tighten the steering wedges against the tractor drawbar and drive!  The steering requires no hydraulics to engage or disengage during road travel and field work!  You simply drive and when the tractor is going straight the tank is going straight even at speeds up to 35 MPH!  If the tractor makes a gradual turn the tank makes a gradual turn!  If the tractor makes a steep turn the tank makes a steep turn!  With the 64,000 pd tensile strength ball joints this is a top notch steering system!

MaxX-Trac’s responsive steering system lets the tanker gently follow around corners with much less strain on the axles, hubs, rims, and tires compared to non-steer tankers resulting in less wear and tear on your tanker and tractor! The steering also reduces damage to your field, roads,and driveways!

MaxX-Trac trailer undercarriage

With the parallel movement of the MaxXTrac undercarriage there is no stress on the vessel as the suspension works! As the suspension travels up and down the movement is ALWAYS parallel with the tank vessel and keeps the tire flat on the soil surface. As the drivers side tires travel up and down this has NO affect on the passenger side tires. This is completely different than the torsion style suspension that put a twist on the tank vessel as the suspension travels up and down as well as puts stress on the wheel on the opposite side of the tank and makes that tire run on the inner or outer edge of the tire!